Stillen Open House - Costa Mesa, CA - 05.05.2001

After missing last year's open house, we decided that we should invade the land of the Z once again, and we were in force this time!  All but one who attended had their car on display!


We all decided to meet up at the Wendy's off the 55 for this one.  Stacey and I were up early enough and left in plenty of time, unfortunately we came upon an accident on the 57, so we wound up being about 10 minutes late.  Not too bad, but we would have been on time if not for that!  Drat!

Once we got there, Greg, Chris, and Howard were waiting.  I got something to much for Stacey and Lino pulled up!  We chatted for a bit while waiting to see who else was going to show and then headed over to Stillen with Stacey leading the way!

The drive was pretty short, but fun nonetheless.  Lots of passing and looks from the other people on the freeway.  When we got there, the street was blocked off, which was pretty cool.  Lino talked to the security guard and he let us by, since we were showing our cars.  We wound up splitting our group up, parking an even number of cars on either side of the street!  Nice!  Jorge, Vince, and Thai were already there.  For those of you who don't know, Jorge recently purchased a brand new Suburu Imprezza WRX!  Can you say boost!?  About this time, Mike shows up and we get him, Vince and Thai to move their cars so that we were all together (Vince and Thai were not allowed to park their cars alongside ours for some odd reason).

After making our introductions to the new members, we went to see what booths were at the open house this year!  As expected, the dyno was out and runs were pretty cheap, so Greg signed up!  While he was doing that, we strolled around the parts area and came across a brand new Greddy exhaust for a 2G Probe GT!  BRAND NEW and in the Greddy box, and it was COMPLETE!  Daven, Greg, Stacey and I started shouting out for Jorge and Mike to come and see this.  Mike said he didn't like it much preferring the looks of the Borla, but Jorge wanted to jump all over it!  He quickly got on his phone to consult with his better half and the decision was made to buy it, but due to a problem with not having the cash, I lent him the money to buy the exhaust!  Ok, I know you're dying to know what the cost was, and I'll tell you: the total came out to $213.93!  No kidding!  That's why we were so excited about getting it!  The list from Greddy/Trust is over $600!

I had recently purchased some Goodridge brake lines for my car, so we headed over to their booth.  We found out that they carry a kit for EVERY model of Probe/MX-6 made!  Imagine that!  We also checked out the booths of Eibach, HKS (including some turbo timers for Jorge), Stillen (brakes), and Yokohama.  There were some really tricked out cars there.  One that caught my eye was this really yellow Eclipse.  We watched Greg's dyno runs and he seemed satisfied with his numbers.

We got ourselves in line to grab some free food when Tony showed up!  The food was pretty good but it was not all-you-can-eat, and neither were the drinks.  The food was catered from some place nearby.  We got a kick out of the NASCAR-ready ice cream truck that was there.  I treated a few members to some ice cream and we sat and talked about the cars and such until we were ready to leave for the Irvine Spectrum, where we were going to watch 'The Mummy Returns'.  On our way out, Lino asked the Hooter girls if they wouldn't mind posing on and near our cars.  They obliged and the photos are below.

After we took pictures, we all went to check out Luiz' Probe.  He's got a KLZE engine with the MS8 manifold.  It sounds as good as it looks.  Once we got to the Spectrum, we found a nice little place so that we could park together.  Luiz' and the SD guys took off, so we parked and walked on up to the theater.  Luckily we wouldn't have to wait long.  We purchased our tickets, got our goodies, found our seats and enjoyed the movie.  Everyone seemed to like it as much as I did (Stacey and I had seen the movie the night before with my nephew), especially the fighting scenes with the girls!  When the movie was over, we said our goodbyes and headed home.  Stacey and I headed over to her work so we could print out some numbers for the next day's autocross, then went home.

Pretty good turnout for a gathering!  Let's get this time of turnout for a meet!  Until the next time!

write-up by D. Tolentino, pics by L. Sacman and D. Tolentino